Family Fun/Game Day & Versatility Show

SUNDAY April 27th at 10 Rogers Path Middleboro MA 

Family Fun/ Game Day & Versatility Show

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click button  above to see classes- 9:00 start time

 Division - Choose from: Under 12 W/T, Under 18 W/T, Under 18 W/T/C , Adult W/T, Adult W/T/C

There will be a high point end of the day award for - each of the below a Champ and a Res. Champ=
1) under 12 W/T Ginger Johnson MEME 2) under 18 W/T Kendyl Foristall- Highland Hill Veterinary -3) Adult W/T - Anita Sprague 4) under 18 W/T/C Michelle and Mark Celia 5) Adult W/T/C- Ruth Ahola  6) leadline- Amy Bradford  7) Jumping -Jacquelyn M 8) W/T games -Terri Carman 9) W/T/C games Jessica McNally - Lily Creek Equine Message ( prizes are looking pretty good!! ) 
All names listed in Red are the class sponsors- not the winners :) !!!

we will be encouraging you to print out the registration form and send ahead of time this will help us have everything run smoothly that morning - just show up , and get a number. 

Classes 1, 2 & 3 (running all day or until we are finished) in the indoor ring. 

Class 1A lead line- Trail Course ClassTracy Brese * 1B W/T under 12 Trail Course Class Lisa and Nicole Glover * 1C W/T under 18 Trail Course $10.00 -Sue Bird

Class 1D W/T/C Melissa Kerins under 18 Trail Course *Class  1E W/T Adult Trail Course Class -Anita Sprague * 1F W/T/C Adult Trail Course $10.00 Melissa Kerins

Class 2 Versatility Challenge. Canter entries only. Think the w/t/c trail course is too easy? Try this. Yes, you can do both. $10.00 - Heidi Burke

Class 3 Doggie timed agility. Okay, you don’t have a horse, or at least one that will go near any of those obstacles. How about 

your dog? Dog on leash, stop watch ready, GO! Fastest time wins, penalty time for destroyed or missed obstacles. 

$5.00 -LISA Doyle- TCB Training and Instruction 



Class 4 Lead Line, for those just starting out, preferably small children $10.00Susan- Elizabeth Madden

Class 5 W/T Under 12 (rider not horse that is) equitation. $10.00 -Steph Gomes- First Foundation Farm 

Class 6 W/T Under 12 pleasure. You guys know the drill on all these pleasure and equitation classes? Right? $10.00 - Dr Steve Katz

Class 7 W/T Under 18 equitation $10.00 -Balmy Acres

Class 8 W/T Under 18 pleasure $10.00 -Ann ODonnell

Class 9 W/T/C Under 18 equitation $10.00 -Balmy Acres

Class 10 W/T/C under 18 Pleasure $10.00 -Margret Loughlin

Class 11 W/T Adult equitation $10.00 -Jess McNally

Class 12 W/T adult Pleasure $10.00 Lisa Doyle- TCB Training and Instruction

Class 13 W/T/C adult Equitation $10.00 -Jackie.McCloskey

Class 14 W/T/C adult Pleasure $10.00 -Lisa Doyle-TCB Training and Instrction

Class 15 Rescue Horse/Green horse. If most of us search though our barns we will find that beloved rescue horse that is not -Gail Hinchey- in honor of Her Rescue mare Reba 

quite ready for prime time. In fact he may never be, but you love him and know he has come a long way since you impulsively 

pulled him from Camelot’s pens. Well this is your chance to show him off. He’ll fit right in! 


Class 16 Lead line Academy. This is an opportunity for non-horsey kids to taste a bit of horse showing. Has your child never -

ridden before? You don’t have a horse? No problem, think pony ride with ribbons. Your steed and riding helmet will be 

provided along with a handler equipped with a lead line. A parent wishing to walk alongside their mounted child will not only 

be welcomed but encouraged and even insisted upon in the cases of the smallest among us. Everybody wins 

$10.00 -Amy Bradford

LUNCH – whew, that was hard work!!! Time to eat. The Hanson Riding Club Rhythm Riders Drill team will perform. 

Class 17 Pets on Parade, a pet show! Bring your dog, cat, rabbit, whatever (no mountain lions please) and show them off. This 

is an “everybody is a winner class” Feel free to put some costumes on the critters, one of the winners will be for best costume. 

$5.00 -Lisa Doyle- TCB Training and Instruction 

Class 18 Costume Class: Horses are welcome, but not required. If your puppy didn’t win best -costume in class 17, try again. $10.00 -Ann Gredler

Class 19 Walk/Trot Command Class: Like “Simon Says,” only on horseback. $10.00 Nicole Gunn

Class 20 Walk/Trot/Canter Command Class $10.00 Melody Fretschl

Class 21 Egg & Spoon Leadline. Someone else has the reins, how hard can it be? $10.00 Melody Fretschl

Class 22W/T Egg & Spoon: Reins in one hand, egg & spoon in the other. $10.00 -Laurie.Baker

Class 23 W/T/C Egg & Spoon : now it gets interesting $10.00 -Kathy James

Class 24 W/T Paper Pairs: Pair up and ride holding opposite sides of a piece of paper (Last pair with the paper intact wins). $10.00 - Shaunette Nastar

Class 25 W/T/C Paper Pairs. $10.00 Cath Bowden

Class 26 Barrels: Classic cloverleaf pattern. $10.00 - Lynn Laporte

Class 27 Barrels on foot: Fastest time on two legs wins $5.00 -Koleen Emerson 

Class 28 Sack Race: Humans. No horses in potato sacks. $5.00 -Ginny Sears

Class 29 Walk/Trot Sit-a-buck: This is a bareback class, hang on! $10.00 -Nick Denson

Class 30 Walk/Trot/Canter Sit-a-buck – really hang on! $10.00 -Nick Denson

Class 31 Musical Stalls: Like Musical Chairs, only with poles on the ground forming “stalls” (oh, and with horses). No 

Canter….that could be a mess!!! 

$10.00 - Jen Jardin 

Class 32 Cross-rails: Four little jumps, twice around the outside, 18”-2’.3” ( we should rename the class “little cross rails) $10.00 Lorrie Wright

Class 33 Cross-rails on foot. Same as class 32 but without the horse, fastest time wins $5.00 ODonnell- mom and dad 

Class 34 Verticals: 2’3” max okay you’ve conquered cross rails! Ready for the Olympics? $10.00 Celli Falco

Class 35 Verticals on foot: same as class 34 but a little higher $5.00- ODonnell mom and dad 

The Taunton Lions Club will be there to feed us!

Main Ring Judge -  Christine Daiute 

Ringmaster -  Lisa Laque

Trail Judge -  Suzanne Emerson

( the judges are not cardholders- this is a fun show - )

Dog judge- 4H team and  Kimberly Veilleux

Announcer - Chris Conant

Show Secretary - Micaela Shea

Show Committee - Erin Celia & Terri Carman

Show Manager - Brandi Carreiro 

 Amanda Rains- Red Horse Photography

Show Farrier- Nick Denson


credit cards are accepted that day